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fabp7xenopus lateral pallium [+] 

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Moreno N and González A (2017) Assay

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fabp7.L laevis NF stage 54 lateral pallium

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  FIGURE 9. Analysis of progenitor cells at larval stages (Sox2, DCX, BLBP, PCNA, PH3). Micrographs of transverse sections through the pallium of Xenopus laevis at larval stages 46 (A–E,M) and 54 (F–L,N–R) showing the distribution of the progenitors markers Sox2 (A,C,F,H,I,J,L,N), the neuroblasts marker DCX (B,C,E,G–I,Q) and the progenitors markers Lhx2 (M,N,Q) and BLBP (O,P), and their combinations with the mitotic marker PCNA (L,O,P) and PH3 (M). In addition, the codistribution of DCX and calretinin is shown (Q). In each panel the developmental stage and the color code for the used markers are indicated. (A–E,O,P) Are confocal images, and the higher magnifications (O′,P′,R′) correspond to the framed areas, as indicated (white boxes in O,P,R). At stage 46 Sox2/DCX double labeled cells were observed in the ventricular zone and away from it (arrowheads in A–C), and DCX labeled mitotic cells away from the ventricle were observed (arrowheads in E). At stage 54 Sox2 is expressed in the ventricular and mantle zones, and cells that coexpressed DCX were observed (F–I). Close to the ventricle those Sox2 cells were mitotic cells (J,K), but the Sox2 expressing cells detected away from the ventricle were not mitotic (empty arrowhead in L). The Lhx2 expressing cells detected at larval stages were mitotic in the ventricle (M) and coexpressed Sox2 (N), but in the mantle zone they were not coexpressing PH3 (M) and were intermingled with the Lhx2 cell population (empty arowheads in N). The combination of BLBP and PCNA showed that the mitotic cells in the ventricular zone coexpressed BLBP (arrowheads in O′,P,P′), but not those separated from the ventricle (empty arrowhead in P′). The combination of Lhx2 and DCX showed that the Lhx2 cells detected close to the adjacent vz were double labeled (Q). The combination of Sox2 to calretinin, a marker of a population of pallial interneurons, showed that there were not double labeled cells (R,R′). Scale bars = 50 μm (A–E,L,M,O–P′), 200 μm (I), 100 μm (F–K,N). See list for abbreviations.