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fkbp9xenopus animal hemisphere [+] 

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Chalmers AD et al. (2009) Assay

Grainyhead-like 3, a transcription factor identified in a microarray screen, promotes the specification of the superficial layer of the embryonic epidermis.

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fkbp9.L xl038l06 laevis NF stage 11 animal hemisphere

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  Fig. 4. Genes with superficial expression; Part 4. A wholemount and a section are shown for each gene at gastrula (left-hand panels) and neural plate stage (right-hand panels). The gastrula stage wholemounts have the animal hemisphere to the top. The sections show expression in the animal hemisphere. The stage 14 wholemounts are shown as lateral (L) or dorsal views (D) as indicated with anterior to the left. The stage 14 sections are transverse and show expression in the epidermis except for alsin and EFRIN. Alsin has expression in the neural (arrowhead) and epidermal (arrow) superficial ectoderm. The only expression shown by EFRIN was some very weak expression in the archenteron shown by a sagittal section. Arrows indicate areas of expression. The genes are labelled with the top blast hit and unique EST identifier (e.g., Xl092a09).
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