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fn1xenopus neural fold 

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Assembly and remodeling of the fibrillar fibronectin extracellular matrix during gastrulation and neurulation in Xenopus lae...

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fn1.S laevis NF stage 16 neural fold

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  Fig. 3. Fibril assembly and remodeling during neural fold formation and neural tube closure. A: Transverse confocal sections were collected and assembled into montages of dorsal axial tissues from the flat neural plate stage (A) to tadpole stage (J). A,B: Fibronectinrich fibrils localize to the ventral and dorsal surfaces of the somitic mesoderm of early neural fold stages (stage 14) but are absent from the boundary between lateral plate and ventral mesoderm and endoderm (arrowheads in A). C: Fibrils are restored to the dorsal surface of the notochord (arrowhead) where notoplate cells attach. Archenteron roof plate cells contact the notochord along the fibril-free ventral surface (arrow in C). D: Somite morphogenesis continues and the neural plate converges toward the midline as a deep neural groove forms. E: Fibrils are assembled under the ventral surface of the notochord (arrow) as the neural folds (asterisk) appose one another. F: By the time the neural folds have fused, fibronectin-rich fibrils are formed along the inner surface of the lateral plate and ventral mesoderm (arrowheads). G,H: Fibrils, mostly absent from the dorsal surface of the neural tube (arrowheads in G), are assembled as the neural tube lumen (asterisk in H) is reestablished. I: By late tail bud stage, fibrils sheath the neural tube, notochord, and somites, including the intersomitic clefts (arrows) shown in this section. I,J: From late tail bud (I) to tadpole stages (J) fibrils are extensively assembled in the fin (arrowheads) and contact both the dorsal surface of the neural tube and the dorsal-most surface of somites. ar, archenteron; d, dorsal; ec, ectoderm; en, endoderm; ne, neural plate ectoderm; no, notochord; nt, neural tube; so, somitic mesoderm; v, ventral.
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