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Experiment details for fzd2

Deardorff MA and Klein PS (1999) Assay

Xenopus frizzled-2 is expressed highly in the developing eye, otic vesicle and somites.

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Gene Clone Species Stages Anatomy
fzd2.S af139165 laevis NF stage 25 epidermis

  Fig. 4. After visualization of whole mount in situ hybridization, embryos were sectioned. Shown is a tailbud stage (stage 25) embryo. Panel (G)indicates the plane of section for panels (A-F). Abreviations: ep epidermis, ev eye vesicle, hm head mesenchyme, sa stomatodeal anlage, mb midbrain, fg foregut, cg cement gland, n notocord, hb hindbrain, ov otic vesicle, so somite, sc spinal cord. Note that the staining at the bottom of (E) is continuous with other somitic staining as demonstrated in (F) and represents posterior somitic expression of xfz2.
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