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gbx2.2xenopus head endoderm 

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von Bubnoff A et al. (1996) Assay

The Xenopus laevis homeobox gene Xgbx-2 is an early marker of anteroposterior patterning in the ectoderm.

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Gene Clone Species Stages Anatomy
gbx2.2.L laevis NF stage 21 head endoderm

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  Fig. 6. Localization of Xgbx-2 expression in the hindbrain. Embryos were hybridized alone or in combinations with Xgbx-2, Krox-20, or En-2. For all embryos, a lateral view is shown with dorsal at the top and anterior to the left. The magnification is the same in all photographs. All embryos are cleared. Arrowhead in A, B, D-F: anterior border of Xgbx-2 expression. (A-C) Stage 21. (A) Embryo hybridized with Xgbx-2 alone. Xgbx-2 is also expressed in the head endoderm (arrow). (B) Embryo cohybridized with Xgbx-2 and Krox-20. Note the gap between the Xgbx-2 stripe and the rhombomere 3-stripe (3) of Krox-20, which is a length of approximately one rhombomere. Krox-20 is also expressed in neural crest (nc) migrating into the third visceral arch (Bradley et al., 1992). (C) Embryo hybridized with Krox-20 alone. (DG) Stage 31. (D) Embryo cohybridized with Xgbx-2 and Krox-20. The anterior Xgbx-2 expression border (arrowhead) lies at least 2 rhombomere lengths anterior to the rhombomere 2/3 boundary. (E) Embryo hybridized with Xgbx-2 alone. (F) Embryo cohybridized with En-2 and Xgbx-2. The En-2 stripe does not appear to be widened compared to (G). The anterior border of Xgbx-2 expression (arrowhead) would be predicted to lie approximately halfway into the En-2 expressing region (compare to E). (G) Embryo hybridized with En-2 alone. En-2 is also expressed in the mandibular arch (arrow).
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