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hoxc6xenopus hindlimb bud [+] 

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A gradient of homeodomain protein in developing forelimbs of Xenopus and mouse embryos.

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hoxc6.L laevis NF stage 50 hindlimb bud

  Figure 2. Expression of XlHbox 1 in Xenopus Hindlimb Buds Transverse section through the hindlimb buds of a stage 50 (2 week) Xenopus tadpole immunostained with antibody B. Note that the mesoderm is not stained above background, while the posterior (medial) region of the ectoderm (EC) shows strong expression. Arrow indicates ectodermal staining. Abbreviations: HL, hindlrmb; Re, rectum; D, dorsal; V, ventral; En, endoderm.
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