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isl1xenopus saccular macula 

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Sp8 regulates inner ear development.

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Gene Clone Species Stages Anatomy
isl1.S laevis NF stage 46 to NF stage 47 saccular macula

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  Fig. 3. Inner ear development is aberrant in ecl mutants. (A–J) H&E staining of wax-embedded WT and ecl embryos at stage 46/47. (A and F) Anterior, (B, C, G, and H) middle, and (D and I) posterior sections. (Scale bar, 100 μm.) (E and J) SM in WT and ecl, respectively. (Scale bar, 25 μm.) Black arrows and bar indicate CVG and the thickness of SM, respectively. (E′) Image position of E and J. Immunofluorescence for α-catenin (K–K′′ and N–N′′), Islet 1 (L–L′′ and O–O′′), and acetylated-α-tubulin (M–M′′ and P–P′′) in WT and mutants, respectively. (Scale bar, 50 μm.) (K′, L′ M′, N′, O′, and P′) Hoechst staining and (K′′, L′′, M′′, N′′, O′′, and P′′) merged images. (Q and T) Staining of actin in WT and ecl OVs at stage 46/47. (Scale bar, 100 μm.) (R, S, and U) Sensory hair cells of the saccule and the cristae in WT and mutant embryos. (Scale bar, 100 μm.) (R′, S′–S′′′, T′, and U′) Hair cells of the saccule and the cristae in WT and mutant OVs. (Scale bar, 25 μm.) Compare U′ and R′ for SM staining. Ut, utricle; Sa, saccule; Oc, otoconia; ED, endolymphatic duct; AC, anterior cristae; HC, horizontal cristae; PC, posterior cristae; La, lagena; and SM, saccular macula.
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