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kcnd2xenopus glial cell 

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Zac1 promotes a Müller glial cell fate and interferes with retinal ganglion cell differentiation in Xenopus retina.

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kcnd2 tropicalis NF stage 40 glial cell

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  Figure 5. mZac1c perturbs the differentiation of retinal ganglion cells (RGCs) while supernumerary M�ller glia are correctly specified. A�T: Immunostaining of stage 40 control�green fluorescent protein (GFP, green, A,E,I,M,Q) and Zac1+GFP (green, B�D,F�H,J�L,N�P,R�T) co-injected retinae with the cell-type specific markers Islet (red, A�H), γ-aminobutyric acid (GABA, red, I�L), and Kv4.2 (red, M�T). E and F�H are high-magnification images of the boxed areas in A and D, respectively. Arrows in E show double GFP/islet positive RGCs, while arrows in G show Zac1-misexpressing cells in the RGC layer (GCL) express low levels of Islet. K,L are high-magnification images of the boxed area in J. Arrow in L indicates that a Zac1-induced GCL cluster does not express the amacrine cell marker GABA, while a Zac1-misexpressing cell in the inner nuclear layer (INL) does express GABA (asterisk, L). Q and R�T are high-magnification images of the boxed areas in M and O, respectively. M,N,Q�T: Arrowheads point to M�ller glia and their radial processes. Note the GFP+ M�ller glial cell clusters induced by Zac1 misexpression in N�O (arrowheads). Red label in N is myc immunoreactivity, indicating Zac1-misexpressing cells. Arrowheads in T show that Zac1-induced M�ller glial cell clusters express Kv4.2. le, lens; gcl, ganglion cell layer; inl, inner nuclear layer; onl, outer nuclear layer.
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