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lhx2xenopus striatum 

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Moreno N and González A (2017) Assay

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lhx2.L laevis NF stage 54 striatum

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  FIGURE 8. Analysis of progenitor cells at larval stages (Lhx2, Pax6, BLBP). Micrographs of transverse sections through the pallium of Xenopus laevis at the larval stage 54 showing the distribution of the progenitor markers Lhx2 (A–C,F,G), Pax6 (B,C) and BLBP (D–G). In each panel the color code for the used markers is indicated. The higher magnifications (B,E,F) are from the panels indicated in each case (white boxes in A,D). At this stage in the ventricular zone Lhx2 is expressed by virtually all cells (A,F), and those cells co-expressed Pax6 (B,C) and BLBP (G). Lhx2 expressing cells away from the ventricle, like in the medial pallium, were also labeled for Pax6 (B,C), but never expressed BLBP (G). Scale bars = 100 μm (A,D), 50 μm (B,C,E–G). See list for abbreviations.