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msx2xenopus cranial neural crest [+] 

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Experiment details for msx2

Macrì S et al. (2016) Assay

Hmga2 is required for neural crest cell specification in Xenopus laevis.

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msx2.L laevis NF stage 16 cranial neural crest

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  Fig. 5. Hmga2 is required for NCS, but not for NBP, gene expression. (A) Xenopus embryos injected unilaterally with MO2 show downregulation of snail2 and sox10, but not of msx1, pax3, ap2 or hairy2 at stage 13. (B) Effects of hmga2 knockdown or overexpression in stage 16 embryos: MO2 causes downregulation of snail2 and twist, but not of msx1 or pax3; a mismatched control MO (5-mis) has no effect; hmga2 mRNA injection does not vary expression of these same genes. Injected side (inj) was scored by β-gal staining (A), or by GFP fluorescence (B).