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neurod1xenopus diencephalon 

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Experiment details for neurod1

Green YS and Vetter ML (2011) Assay

EBF factors drive expression of multiple classes of target genes governing neuronal development.

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neurod1.L laevis NF stage 28 diencephalon

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  Figure 4. Neuronal expression for ebf genes and transcription factor candidate target genes. (A-F) ebf2 (A-C) and ebf3 (D-F) are expressed in multiple regions of the developing nervous system, including the trigeminal placodes (yellow arrows), olfactory placodes (black arrows), some domains in the brain, the spinal cord (white arrows), and neural crest derivatives like the branchial arches. (G-L) nscl-1 (G-I) and neurod (J-L) are expressed in the trigeminal placodes and three stripes of primary neurons in the neural plate (black arrowheads) at stage 15, and are strongly expressed in the trigeminal placodes, olfactory placodes, and spinal cord at stage 23. At stage 28, nscl-1 is expressed in the olfactory placodes, some domains in the midbrain/hindbrain, spinal cord and cranial ganglia IX and X. At stage 28, neurod is expressed in the olfactory placodes, retina, otic placodes, cranial ganglia, spinal cord and some domains in the brain. (M-O) aml1 is expressed in the lateral primary neuron stripe at stage 15, sensory neurons of the spinal cord (white arrowheads) at stage 23, and the olfactory placodes and otic placodes at stage 28. (P-R) emx1 is weakly expressed in the prospective forebrain region at stage 15. At stages 23 and 28, this gene is expressed in the dorsal forebrain region. Stage 15 embryos show dorsal views except (P) (anterior view). Stage 23 and 28 embryos show lateral views.