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nkx2-3xenopus head endoderm 

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Cleaver OB et al. (1996) Assay

Overexpression of the tinman-related genes XNkx-2.5 and XNkx-2.3 in Xenopus embryos results in myocardial hyperplasia.

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nkx2-3.S laevis NF stage 28 head endoderm

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  Fig. 1. XNkx-2.3 and XNkx-2.5 are expressed in similar regions of the developing embryo. In situ hybridization with antisense XNkx-2.3 and XNkx-2.5 probes demonstrates that both of these sequences are expressed in early heart progenitors (h) and are maintained in cardiac tissue throughout development. XNkx-2.3 and XNkx-2.5 are also expressed in similar, but distinct regions of anterior endoderm (e) and pharynx (p). (A) Stage 18 XNkx-2.5 stained embryo. (B) Stage 18 XNkx-2.3 stained embryo. (C) Stage 28 embryos. (D) Stage 37 embryos. In C and D the XNkx-2.3 stained embryo is on top.
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