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notch1xenopus cranial neural crest [+] 

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Experiment details for notch1

Kiyota T et al. (2008) Assay

The POU homeobox protein Oct-1 regulates radial glia formation downstream of Notch signaling.

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Gene Clone Species Stages Anatomy
notch1 xenopus NF stage 17 cranial neural crest
notch1 xenopus NF stage 29 and 30 mandibular crest , hyoid crest , branchial crest , cranial neural crest

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  Fig. 1. X-Notch-1 overlaps the radial glia marker vimentin in Xenopus hindbrain. A–I: the expression of X-Delta-1 (A–C), X-Notch-1 (D–F) and vimentin (G–I) in embryos is shown. All panels are dorsal views, anterior toward left. A, D, G: stage 17, late neurula. B, E, H: stage 25, early tailbud. C, F, I: stage30, tailbud. A′–I′: transversal sections cut at the level of prospective hindbrain or hindbrain in panels A–I, respectively. a: anterior, p: posterior, e: eye, hb: hindbrain.
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