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notumxenopus anterior 

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Zhang X et al. (2015) Assay

Notum is required for neural and head induction via Wnt deacylation, oxidation, and inactivation.

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notum.L laevis NF stage 11 anterior

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  Figure 4. Notum Expression Patterns during Xenopus Embryogenesis (A and B) RT-PCR revealed that Notum is maternally and zygotically expressed throughout Xenopus embryogenesis (A), and is enriched animally and dorsally at stage 10.5; animal caps, AC; dorsal marginal zone, DMZ; ventral marginal zone, VMZ; vegetal caps, VC; a pan-mesodermal marker, Xbra; a dorsal marker, Chordin; an animal and ventral marker, Msx1. (C–T) Whole mount in situ hybridization for Notum/Notum’ expression, showing lateral view at 4-cell and stage 6.5 (C and D); lateral and bisected view at stage 8.5 (E and F); bisected view at stage 9.5 (G); lateral and bisected view at stage 10.5, with dorsal on right (H and I); dorsal and bisected view at the stage 11 (J and K); with an enlarged anterior view showing stronger expression anteriorly (L); dorso-anterior (M); dorsal (N, anterior on top); and cross-section (O, dorsal on top; and P, an enlarged view) at stage 15; lateral view at the tail bud stage (Q); with an enlarged anterior view indicating expression in the cement gland (R, arrow); lateral view at the early tadpole stage (S); and with an enlarged view indicating expression in the pronephros region (T, arrowhead). The blue color at the blastocoel surface in bisections was non-specific. See also Figure S3.
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