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ntn1xenopus hypochord [+] 

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Peyrot SM et al. (2011) Assay

A revised model of Xenopus dorsal midline development: differential and separable requirements for Notch and Shh signaling.

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ntn1.L laevis NF stage 35 and 36 hypochord

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  Fig.5. Lateral floor plate is regulated by Shh signaling. Nkx2.2 is a marker of the LFP in zebrafish and chick. At onset in frog (stage 22), it is expressed in two stripes in the ventral neural tube (C) lateral to Shh (A) and Netrin (B). At tadpole stages, Shh (D), Netrin (E), and Nkx2.2 (F) clearly mark distinct domains. LFP formation requires Shh signaling (H) and Shh overexpression can induce ectopic Nkx2.2 throughout the brain and upregulation in the spinal cord (I) at stage 22. (A–F) Transverse vibratome sections following ISH and Tor70 staining of the notochord (brown, D–F). (G–I) Dorsal views, anterior up.