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otx2xenopus optic tract 

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Kiem LM et al. (2017) Assay

The Nedd4 binding protein 3 is required for anterior neural development in Xenopus laevis.

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otx2.L laevis NF stage 23 optic tract

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  Fig. 5. Loss of N4bp3 function interferes with the expression of eye and brain marker genes. A WMISH using rax and pax6 at stage 13 demonstrates a reduced staining in the eye field on the injected side (red arrows) whereas the un-injected and Control MO injected sides were unaffected. In contrast, the pan-neural maker gene sox3 is not affected upon N4bp3 (25 ng MO) deficiency. B Quantification of the data in A. C. Expression of pax6 in the brain region is reduced in N4bp3 deficient embryos at stage 13. D Statistical evaluation of the data in A. E The expression domain and intensity of rax, pax6 and otx2 in the eye region at stage 23 is impaired upon loss of N4bp3 function (black arrows). F Statistical evaluation of the data in E. G WMISH using emx1, pax6 (both forebrain expression domains), otx2 (forebrain and midbrain expression domains), en2 (isthmus expression domain) and egr2 (krox20) (hindbrain expression domain). All analyzed marker genes are significantly reduced upon loss of N4bp3 function (black arrows). Control MO injection has no effect on marker gene expression. H Quantification of the data in G. Abbreviations: N, number of evaluated embryos in total; n, number of independent experiments. Error bars indicate standard error of the means (s. e. m.); * p≤0.05; ** p≤0.001. P-values were calculated by a nonparametric, one-tailed Mann-Whitney rank sum test.
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