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Hypaxial muscle migration during primary myogenesis in Xenopus laevis.

Hypaxial muscle migration during primary myogenesis in Xenopus laevis.

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pax3.S laevis NF stage 31 anterior

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  FIG. 2. Expression patterns of the myogenic transcription factors pax3, myf-5, and myoD. Upregulation of pax3 in the dorso-lateral lip of the anterior trunk somites is apparent at stage 26 (A, arrows). By stage 28/29 pax3-positive cells can be seen leaving the somites and migrating ventrally (B, arrows). At stage 37/38, pax3 cells can be seen at the front of the migration (D) as they continue to stream out of the somites (D, arrow head). Stage-41 embryos have faint pax3 expression at the front of the migrating cells (E, arrows). Early myf-5 expression is restricted to the dorso-medial and ventro-lateral lips of the somites, marking the expanding epaxial myotome (F, G). At stage 31 (H, arrows), myf-5-expressing cells can clearly be seen outside of the somitic region migrating ventrally, and continuing to do so through stages 37/38 (I) and 41 (J, arrows). Expression of myoD is present only in the somitic region (K) until stage 37/38 (N), when it appears in discrete patches clearly separate from the somites (arrows). By stage 41, there are long stripes of myoD expression corresponding to the differentiated ventral body wall muscle (O). Expression is greatest in the ventral-most region of the body wall, where skeletal muscle has most recently differentiated.
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