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pitx2xenopus cranial ganglion 

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Fakhro KA et al. (2011) Assay

Rare copy number variations in congenital heart disease patients identify unique genes in left-right patterning.

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pitx2 tropicalis NF stage 28 cranial ganglion

  Fig. 5. Analysis of pitx2 expression in stage 28 to 30 Xenopus embryos. Embryos are viewed laterally from the left (first column) and the right (second column). Note normal, bilateral pitx2 expression in the head region in all embryos. (A) Expression of pitx2 is normally in the left lateral plate mesoderm (LPM, arrow). (B) Same normal embryo showing absent pitx2 expression in the right LPM. (C and D) Absent pitx2 expression. No pitx2 mRNA is found in the left or right LPM. (E and F) Bilateral pitx2 expression. The pitx2 mRNA is found in both left and right LPM (arrows). (G and H) Right pitx2 expression: pitx2 mRNA is absent from the left LPM, present in the right LPM. (Graph) Summary of pitx2 mRNA expression in MO knockdown embryos: dnah9 is a positive control; StdCtrl, and UiC are negative controls. Bars show the percent of abnormal pitx2 expression and are divided into blue (bilateral), red (right), and green (absent) LPM pitx2 expression.