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pitx2xenopus trigeminal nerve 

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An Early Function of Polycystin-2 for Left-Right Organizer Induction in Xenopus.

An Early Function of Polycystin-2 for Left-Right Organizer Induction in Xenopus.

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pitx2.L laevis NF stage 33 and 34 trigeminal nerve

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  Figure S4: Related to Figure 4. Calcium manipulating agents Thapsigargin or BAPTA-AM impacted differently on LR development (A-C) foxj1 expression (A) was reduced in pkd2 morphants (B) and rescued upon co-injection of Pkd2- MO and a full-length pkd2 rescue mRNA not targeted by the MO (C). (D-F) A 20-minute thapsigargin treatment before gastrulation resulted in loss of pitx2c expression in >50% of embryos without concomitant gastrulation defects, reminiscent of Pkd2-MO injected specimens (cf. Figure 2D). (G-J) Treatment of embryos between blastula (st. 9) and early gastrula stages (st. 10.5) with different concentrations of the calcium chelator BAPTA-AM did not reduce foxj1 expression (H, I), in comparison to 0.05-1.00% DMSO treatment (G, I). (J) Embryos analyzed for pitx2c expression at tailbud stages after short (left side, until stage 11) or long (right side, until stage 12.5) treatment with BAPTA-AM. Longer (st. 9-12.5), but not short treatment (st. 9-11) resulted in significant LR defects. Please note the high proportion of embryos with general axis malformations when treated until late gastrulation (right side) as compared to shorter treatment (left side). Significances in (J) were calculated for LR expression patterns of pitx2c only, not including malformed embryos, which are also shown in the graph. *p<0.05, **p<0.01, **p<0.001 for all panels