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sncbxenopus trigeminal ganglion 

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Wang C et al. (2011) Assay

Characterization of three synuclein genes in Xenopus laevis.

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Gene Clone Species Stages Anatomy
sncb.L laevis NF stage 25 trigeminal ganglion

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  Figure 3. Expression of sncbb. No expression of sncbb is detected before the tail bud stages. A: Dorsal view of stage-18 embryos. sncbb is mainly expressed in brain and spinal cord at the tail bud and tadpole stages. B-I: Lateral view of tail bud- and tadpole-stage embryos with anterior toward the left. G′: Expression of Nr2e3 in the pineal gland and retina of a stage-32 embryo. J, K: Longitudinal sections of a stage-35 embryo. L-P: Transverse sections of a stage-35 embryo at the levels illustrated with black lines in H. e, eye; IX, cranial nerve IX; msz, marginal and subventricular zones of the midbrain and neural tube; nc, notochord; op, olfactory placode; ot, otic vesicle; pg, pineal gland; re, retina; sc, spinal cord; tn, trigeminal nerve; vn, vestibulocochlear nerve; X, cranial nerve X.