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sox17axenopus suprablastoporal endoderm 

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Experiment details for sox17a

A role for GATA5 in Xenopus endoderm specification.

A role for GATA5 in Xenopus endoderm specification.

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sox17a.L laevis NF stage 11 suprablastoporal endoderm

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  Fig. 2. GATA5 is restricted to the sub-blastoporal endoderm at mid- gastrula stages. In situ hybridisation of serial sections of stage 11.5 embryos using GATA5 (A) and cerberus (B) or stage 11 embryos using GATA5- (C), goosecoid- (D) and Sox17a- (E) specific probes. GATA5 overlaps with cerberus in the dorsoanterior yolk-rich cells (arrowheads), but not in more posterior located smaller cells, which appear to represent the leading edge of the involuting mesendoderm (arrows in A,B). GATA5 is excluded from prechordal plate mesendoderm stained by goosecoid and the supra-blastoporal endoderm, which is strongly stained by Sox17a (arrows in C,E).
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