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Hypaxial muscle migration during primary myogenesis in Xenopus laevis.

Hypaxial muscle migration during primary myogenesis in Xenopus laevis.

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sox5.S laevis NF stage 26 to NF stage 41 ventral

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  FIG. 4. Expression patterns of NCAM, Xkrk1, and sox5. Heavy NCAM expression can be seen in the neural tissues of the head and neural tube throughout the stage series (A). NCAM-expressing cells can be seen moving out of the somites at stage 28/29 (B, arrow) and continuing to move ventrally at later stages (C, arrows). At stage 37/38, expression can be seen from the leading edge of the migrating cells all the way back to the somites (D). At stage 41, NCAM-expressing cells are present at the leading edge of migration (E, arrows). The expression of Xkrk1 can be seen in the developing lateral line system, particularly at stage 37/38 (I, arrow heads). Expression is also found in the migrating myoblasts that have left the somite, beginning at stage 28/29 (G, arrow), and continuing to move ventrally through stage 37/38 (I, arrows), where expression in the developing ventral body wall is particularly strong. By stage 41, there is no longer any expression of Xkrk1 in the ventral region of the embryo (J). The expression of sox5 can be seen in neural tissue and somitic mesoderm throughout the stage series (K). Its expression in the ventral body wall is similar to myoD expression, first appearing in small clusters of cells at stage 37/38 (N, arrows) and moving ventrally at stage 41 (O, arrows).
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