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Nordin K and LaBonne C (2014) Assay

Sox5 Is a DNA-binding cofactor for BMP R-Smads that directs target specificity during patterning of the early ectoderm.

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Gene Clone Species Stages Anatomy
sox5.S laevis NF stage 6 (32-cell) animal blastomere
sox5.S laevis NF stage 8 animal hemisphere

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  Figure S1. Related to Figure 1. Expression of Sox5 in wildtype embryos and Sox5 is effectively knocked down (A-C) In situ hybridization showing expression of Sox5 with schematics showing location (green) of NPB and premigratory and migratory NC cells at: (A) early neurula (stage 13) (B) mid-neurula (stage 18) (C) tailbud (stage 24) stages. At early neurula stages Sox5 is expressed in the somitic mesoderm and throughout the ectoderm. By stage 18 the pan-ectodermal expression has been lost and robust expression is seen at the NPB. (D-F) 60 μM serial sections through embryos following in situ hybridization for Sox5. Strong expression in mesoderm is seen at stage 13 (D) while expression in the neural crest can be seen at mid-neurula stages (E), and tailbud stages (F). (G) In situ hybridization of wildtype embryos showing Sox5 expression at the two cell (stage 2), morula (stage 6) and blastula (stage 8) stages. Maternal expression was also reported in a proteomics study (Yanai et al., 2011). (H) RT-PCR stage 9 animal pole explants, vegetal bottom explants and whole embryos Sox5 is expressed in both animal and vegetal explants whereas Mix.1 is expressed preferentially in the vegetal pole and Xema in the animal pole. Histone H4 was used to normalize cDNA input. (I) Wild type expression of Sox6 from stage 8 through stage 32. In contrast to Sox5, Sox6 lacks detectable early ectodermal/NC expression. (J) Western blot of lysates from embryos co-injected with Sox5 mRNA and Sox5 morpholino demonstrating that Sox5 translation is blocked by the morpholino. An N-terminally myc tagged Sox5 cannot be targeted by the morpholino. (K) In situ hybridization examining expression of Snail2 in embryos injected with Sox5 mRNA, Sox5 morpholino, or both. Coinjection of Sox5 mRNA rescues the effects of Sox5 morpholino.

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Gene Clone Species Stages Anatomy
sox5.S laevis NF stage 6 (32-cell) animal blastomere , animal hemisphere

  sox5 (SRY-box 5) gene expression in Xenopus laevis embryo, assayed via in situ hybridization, NF stage 6, lateral view, animal up.
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