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Kuriyama S et al. (2006) Assay

Tsukushi controls ectodermal patterning and neural crest specification in Xenopus by direct regulation of BMP4 and X-delta-1 activity.

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sox9.L laevis NF stage 26 posterior

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  Fig. 1. Expression patterns of X-TSK and marker genes during development. Results of whole-mount in situ hybridization. (A,B) Stage13, anterior views; dorsal is upwards. (A) X-TSK and (B) Xdlx3. Both genes are expressed in the presumptive epidermal region (arrows). (C,D) Stage 14, anterior views. (C) X-TSK and (D) Xbmp4. Both genes are expressed in the anterior neural plate fold (arrowheads). (E,F) Stage 14, dorsal views; anterior is upwards. (E) Bilateral expression of X-TSK outside the neural plate (arrowheads). (F) Xslug expressed in premigratory neural crest cells (arrowheads). (G,H) Stage 23, anterior views. (G) Expression of X-TSK in the hindbrain (hb), lens placode (lp) and cranial neural crest derivative (arrow), but not in the epidermis or cement gland (cg). (H) Expression of Xbmp4 in the roof plate (rp), dorsal retina (dr), cement gland and epidermis (arrow). (I,J) Sections of hybridized embryos. Expression of X-TSK (I) and Xslug (J) in the anterior neural plate region in stage 14 embryos. X-TSK is expressed in the anterior neural fold (nf) and epidermal region (ep) (I), while Xslug is expressed in a narrow area of the neural crest (nc; J). (K,L) Section at the cranial neural crest level at stage 16. Lines indicate the border of each area. (K) X-TSK protein localization. (L) The merged image of K and the image of Xslug hybridized embryo. X-TSK is localized on the surface ectoderm and in the proximal edge of neural crest cells (arrowheads). (M) X-TSK expression at stage 26 was found in mandibular neural crest (m), anterior branchial crest (ab) and posterior branchial crest (pb), and very weakly in hyoid neural crest segments (hy). (N) Sox9, (O) ADAM 13 and (P) Xslug expression at stage 26.
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