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tbx3xenopus post-anal gut 

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Weidgang CE et al. (2013) Assay

TBX3 Directs Cell-Fate Decision toward Mesendoderm.

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Gene Clone Species Stages Anatomy
tbx3.L laevis NF stage 25 post-anal gut
tbx3.L laevis NF stage 32 post-anal gut
tbx3.L laevis NF stage 33 and 34 post-anal gut

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  Figure 1. TBX3 Expression in Developing Mouse and Xenopus Embryos(A) Tbx3 (blue) in preimplantation embryos plotted with other mesendoderm class ESC genes (Oct4, red; Klf5, brown; Klf9, pink; T, violet). Data were obtained upon reanalysis of published data sets.(B) IF of E3.5 blastocyst for OCT4 (red) and TBX3 (green). Scale bars, 20 μm. Nuclei in DAPI (blue).(C–E) TBX3 expression in postimplantation mouse embryos. (C) Tbx3 mRNA in situ hybridization at E6.25 (prestreak) and E7.5 (midstreak). exVE, extraembryonic visceral endoderm. Arrows depict Tbx3-positive cells within the proximoposterior epiblast at E6.25 and mesoderm at E7.5. (D) Tbx3 mRNA in whole mounts of wild-type embryos at E7.75 and E8.25. (E) Z-section of an E6.5 TBX3-GFP reporter embryo. Nuclei in DAPI (blue). Scale bars, 100 μm.(F and G) tbx3 expression in Xenopus. (F) Temporal expression of tbx3 during early Xenopus embryogenesis. tbx3 transcripts are maternally supplied. Zygotic expression starts at stage 10 and increases during gastrulation. gapdh as loading control. Negative control represents a −RT reaction with gapdh. (G) Spatial expression of tbx3 at stages indicated during Xenopus development. tbx3 is detected in the invaginating mesoderm during gastrulation. White arrowheads, tbx3-positive ectodermal cells; red arrowheads, tbx3 expression in the developing cardiac region. m, mesoderm; cm, cardiac mesoderm. Scale bars, 0.5 mm.See also Figure S5.
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