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tle4xenopus pharyngeal mesenchyme [+] 

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Developmental expression patterns of candidate cofactors for vertebrate six family transcription factors.

Developmental expression patterns of candidate cofactors for vertebrate six family transcription factors.

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tle4.S laevis NF stage 32 pharyngeal mesenchyme

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  Figure 3. Expression of Groucho-related genes (Grg). A: stage VI oocyte with Grg4 transcripts enhanced on animal (an) side (side view). B: An eight-cell embryo with maternal ESG1 transcripts enhanced in the animal blastomeres (side view). C: In the blastula, animal cap ectoderm expresses Grg5 (side view). D: In the gastrula, the entire ectoderm expresses Grg4, whereas the preinvoluted mesoderm (meso) and endoderm do not (side view). E–G: At neural plate stages, Grg4 (E), ESG1 (F), and Grg5 (G) are expressed in the neural plate and preplacodal ectoderm (PPE); Grg5 is also expressed in the cement gland (anterior views). H: ESG1 is expressed throughout the neural tube, but most strongly in the anterior part (ant. nt). It is also detected in the neural crest (nc), dorsal epidermis (epi), and somites (dorsal view). I: At tail bud stages, ESG1 expression is strong in the entire neural tube, migrating neural crest, somites, otocyst, and tail bud (tb; side view). J: At tail bud stages, Grg4 is weakly detected in the cement gland (ventral view). K: At larval stages, Grg4 is expressed throughout the brain (b), retina (r), placode derivatives (crg, L, olf, oto), and the branchial arches (BA; side view). L: ESG1 is expressed in the same tissues, and also is detected in the heart (h), ventral gut (vg), nephric mesoderm and the initial outgrowth of the lateral line (LL; side view). M–R: In transverse sections at the levels of the anterior trunk (M), forebrain (N–P) and hindbrain (Q,R), expression of the various Grg-related genes is noted in the nephric mesoderm, forebrain (fb), hindbrain (hb), retina, branchial arches, cement gland, various placodes (olf, oto, IXg, epibranchial [ebp]) and heart.