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vcanxenopus mandibular crest [+] 

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Michela Ori Assay

Michela Ori

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vcan.L laevis NF stage 21 mandibular crest

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  copyrighted by: Ori, Michela A) stage 12, versican expression in the axial mesoderm B, B') stage 21, the main sites of expression are trunk neural crest cells (dorsal view, B), heart, branchial arches C) stage 28, versican mRNA is localized in trunk neural crest cells, floor plate of the neural tube, somites and unsegmented paraxial mesoderm, branchial arches, heart. D) Stage 37, trunk neural crest cells migrating in the dorsal fin E) longitudinal section of a stage 41 embryo, versican is expressed in cranial neural crest cell derivatives such as cranial mesenchyme and precartilagineus condensations.
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