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Xenopus VegT RNA is localized to the vegetal cortex during oogenesis and encodes a novel T-box transcription factor involved...

Xenopus VegT RNA is localized to the vegetal cortex during oogenesis and encodes a novel T-box transcription factor involved in mesodermal patterning.

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vegt.L laevis NF stage 23 interneuron

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  Fig. 2. Spatial expression of VegT during oogenesis and embryogenesis. Whole-mount in situ hybridization with digoxigenin-labeled VegT RNA probe. (A) Stage I oocytes. VegT is uniformly distributed. (B) Stage IV oocyte. VegT is localized to the vegetal hemisphere. (C) Ovulated egg. VegT remains in the vegetalhemisphere. (D) Stage 9.5 embryo, side view. Zygotic VegT is expressed on the dorsal side with significantly lower expression laterally and ventrally within the marginal zone. Animal pole is at the top. Blastocoel is somewhat collapsed. (E) Stage 9.5 embryo, vegetal pole view of the embryo in D. Staining mostly restricted to the dorsal side of the embryo. (F) Stage 10.25 embryo, vegetal pole view. Staining still mostly on the dorsal side, but an increase along the lateral and ventral sides is now apparent. (G) Stage 10.5 embryo, vegetal view. Staining in entire marginal zone. (H) Stage 12.5 embryo, posterior view. Ventral and lateral staining around the blastopore. Note the dorsalmost region is not stained. (I) Dorsal view of a cleared mid neural fold embryo (stage 16). VegT RNA is restricted to the posterior end. (J) Side view of a tail bud embryo (stage 23). Newly transcribed VegT RNA within a posterior subset of primary sensory neuron cells (arrowhead). (K) Side view of a tadpole (stage 31). Staining only within the same neurons (arrowhead) as shown in J. Staining observed at the anterior end of the embryo is non-specific.(K') Transverse section of stage shown in K. Stainingis in the large primary sensory neurons found within the dorsal lateral spinal cord (arrowhead). nt, neural tube; nc, notochord. (L) High magnification of the same embryo in K.
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