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ventx2.2xenopus lateral 

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Martynova N et al. (2004) Assay

Patterning the forebrain: FoxA4a/Pintallavis and Xvent2 determine the posterior limit of Xanf1 expression in the neural plate.

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Gene Clone Species Stages Anatomy
ventx2.2.L laevis NF stage 13 to NF stage 14 lateral

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  Fig. 2. Expression domains of Xanf1, FoxA4a/Pintallavis and Xvent2 occupy complementary areas within the neural plate. Embryos at the early neurula stage are shown from the anterior, with the dorsal side upwards. (A) Expression of Xanf1 in the anterior neuroectoderm. (B) Expression of Xvent2 is localised within lateral parts of the neural plate, behind the expression domain of Xanf1 (marked by the broken red line). (C) FoxA4a/Pintallavis is expressed along the midline of the neural plate. The anterior tip of the FoxA4a/Pintallavis expression domain borders on the medial part of the posterior margin of the Xanf1 expression area (marked by the broken red line). (D,E) Double in situ hybridisation with probes to Xanf1 and Xvent2 (D) or Xanf1 and FoxA4a/Pintallavis (E) mRNAs demonstrates lack of gaps between expression domains of these genes. (F) Diagram of complementary areas occupied by the expression domains of Xanf1, FoxA4a/Pintallavis and Xvent2 within the neural plate.