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wbp2nlxenopus anterior placodal area [+] 

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Grant PA et al. (2014) Assay

Novel animal pole-enriched maternal mRNAs are preferentially expressed in neural ectoderm.

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Gene Clone Species Stages Anatomy
wbp2nl.L laevis NF stage 12 to NF stage 13 anterior placodal area

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  Fig. 7. Expression patterns of animal-enriched genes from neural plate to late tail bud stages. A: Expression patterns of the seven highest ANenriched genes that were characterized. B: Expression patterns of the remaining seven AN-enriched genes that were characterized. Early (left) and late (third from right) neural plate stages are anterior views with dorsal to the top. Early (second from right) and late (far right) tail bud stages are side views with anterior to the right and dorsal to the top. ba, branchial arch; br, brain; cg, cement gland; epi, epidermis; h, heart; le, lens; li, liver; nc, neural crest; ne, nephric mesoderm; np, neural plate; olf, olfactory, oto, otocyst; ov, optic vesicle; pm, paraxial mesoderm; ppe, preplacodal ectoderm; ret; retina; sc, spinal cord; so, somites; vg, ventral gut.
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