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zic1xenopus diencephalon 

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Xenopus Zic family and its role in neural and neural crest development.

Xenopus Zic family and its role in neural and neural crest development.

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zic1.S laevis NF stage 29 and 30 diencephalon

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  Fig. 3. Spatial expression patterns of Zic1 and Zic2 in Xenopus embryos. Series of embryos were hybridized with digoxigenin-labeled antisense Zic1 (A–L) and Zic2 (M–X) RNA. (A,M) blastula stage (stage 9). In the blastula stage, Zic1 and Zic2 were expressed throughout the ectoderm (A, animal side; V, vegetal side). (B,C,N,O) mid-gastrula stage (stage 10.5). (C) The expression of Zic1 in the prospective neural plate was confirmed in a cross-section of the same embryo as in B (arrowhead). However, Zic2 was expressed in a broader region of the ectoderm (N,O). (D,P) Stage 11–12. (E,Q) Stage 12.5–13.5. (F,R) Stage 14–15. White and black arrowheads indicate the lateral edge of the neural plate and the neural crest, respectively. Arrows indicate the neural plate border region of the prospective rhombencephalon. (G,H,S,T) Stage 20. The black arrowhead, white arrowhead and arrow indicate the telencephalon, diencephalon and mesencephalon, respectively. (I–L,U–X) Stage 30. Transverse section through the head (J,V) and trunk region (L,X) of the same embryo as in (I,U). (K,W) magnified views in the head region of I and U. (A,M,I,U) are lateral views. The upper side of the panel is the animal side in (A,M). (B,N) Dorsal-vegetal views. (D–G,P–S) Dorsal views. (D–F,P–R) anterior side is upper side. (G,S) The anterior side is toward the left. (H,T) Anterior views of (G,S). The upper side is dorsal. dl, dorsal lip; bp, blastopore; s, somite; nt, neural tube; ov, optic vesicle; tel, telencephalon; di/mi, diencephalon and midbrain boundary; rh, rhombencephalon; e, eye; ev, ear vesicle; cg, cement gland.