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Summary Attributions

Clone Name: XL516f05ex Gene: gbx2.1.S , gbx2.2.L Species: Xenopus laevis  


5' EST: BP705920 [+]

3' EST: BP738402 [+]


Name: Osada Taira anterior neuroectoderm (ANE) pCS105 cDNA libraryExternal Dbs: Unigene laevis cDNA library

Description: About 500 pieces of anterior neural plates were dissected from stage 12-12.5 embryos. The neuroectoderm layer was separated from the underlying mesendoderm layer in 1 x modified Barth's solution containing 1-2 mg/ml collagenase. After poly (A)+RNA selection by an oligo(dT) cellulose column, a cDNA library was made with the SuperScript plasmid system for cDNA synthesis and plasmid cloning (Invitrogen) and the pCS105 vector (Hsu D.R. et al., Mol Cell. 1, 673-83, 1998). The first strand cDNA was synthesized with oligo dT-NotI primer. After second strand synthesis, SalI adapter (gtcgacCCACGCGTCCG; the lower case letters show SalI site) were ligated and the cDNA was directionally cloned with SalI at the 5' end and NotI at the 3' end. The average insert size is about 2kb and the host bacteria is XL1 blue (Stratagene) (?).

Anatomy: ectodermStage: NF stage 12.5
Normalized: NoSubtraction: No

Vector DetailsVector Map
Name: pCS105

Type: plasmid

5' Restriction Site: SalI

3' Restriction Site: NotI
Expression Image



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