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Summary Attributions

Clone Name: IMAGE:7029831 Gene: foxc1 Species: Xenopus tropicalis  


5' EST: CF781570 [+]


Name: XtSt10-30External Dbs: Unigene tropicalis cDNA library, Xenopus IMAGE cDNA Library

Description: 10 ug of polyA+ RNA was isolated from a mixture of embryos at stage 10, 20 and 30 and primed by oligo-dT primer: 5'-GAGAGAGAGAAGGATCC(T)16VN-3' (where V=G,A,C). 5-methyl-dCTP was used instead of dCTP in the first-strand synthesis in order to get hemimethylated cDNA. After full-length enrichment, oligo-dG tailing and normalization against itself, second-strand synthesis was carried out by priming with 5'-GAGAGAGAGACTCGAGTTAATTAAT(C)13-3'. dsDNA was digested with XhoI/BamHI and directionally cloned into the pRKW2 vector. Average insert size is 1.5 kb. Library constructed using the Carninci protocol (Genome Research 2000) by Drs. W. Wu and C. Niehrs (DKFZ, Heidelberg, Germany).

Anatomy: whole organismStage: NF stage 10 to NF stage 29 and 30
Normalized: NoSubtraction: No

Vector DetailsVector Map
Name: pRKW2

Type: phagemid

5' Restriction Site: XhoI

3' Restriction Site: BamHI
Expression Image



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