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GEO Series: GSE76994

Title: Differential expression analysis of triple knockdown of TBP and TBP-related factors (TKD) in Xenopus laevis embryos at early developmental stage 10.5


We sequenced cDNA prepared from ribosomal RNA depleted total RNA of 10-10 embryos co-injected with TBP-,TBP2- and TLF-AS antisense oligonucleotides and with water to create expression profiles of triple knockdown of TBP/TBP-related factors (TKD) and control, respectively, in Xenopus laevis at early developmental stage 10.5. (according to Nieuwkoop and Faber). We executed differential expression analysis of sequence count data (DEseq).

Contributors: Gert Veenstra, E Gazdag, I Kruijsbergen, G Veenstra

Experiment Type: Differential expression analysis using RNA sequencing

Article: Xenbase, PubMed

Source: NCBI GEO, Xenbase FTP

Samples: (DEG = Differentially Expressed Genes; GSM = GEO Sample Number)
Sample View GSMs Assay Type
WE - NF10-10.5 GSM2042217  GSM2042218  RNA-Seq
Background: Xla.Outbred
Tissue Assay Stages ChIP Antibody
embryo NF stage 10 to NF stage 10.5  
   WE + tbp + tbpl2 + tbpl1 - NF10-10.5 DEG GSM2042215  GSM2042216  RNA-Seq
Background: Xla.Outbred
Manipulation Type Reagent Target Gene Stage Treatment Area
DMED injection tbp.L NF stage 1 blastomere
DMED injection tbpl2.L NF stage 1 blastomere
DMED injection tbpl1.L NF stage 1 blastomere
Tissue Assay Stages ChIP Antibody
embryo NF stage 10 to NF stage 10.5  
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