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GEO Series: GSE76994

Title: Differential expression analysis of triple knockdown of TBP and TBP-related factors (TKD) in Xenopus laevis embryos at early developmental stage 10.5


We sequenced cDNA prepared from ribosomal RNA depleted total RNA of 10-10 embryos co-injected with TBP-,TBP2- and TLF-AS antisense oligonucleotides and with water to create expression profiles of triple knockdown of TBP/TBP-related factors (TKD) and control, respectively, in Xenopus laevis at early developmental stage 10.5. (according to Nieuwkoop and Faber). We executed differential expression analysis of sequence count data (DEseq).

Contributors: Gert Veenstra, E Gazdag, I Kruijsbergen, G Veenstra

Experiment Type: Differential expression analysis using RNA sequencing

Article: Xenbase, PubMed

Source: NCBI GEO, Xenbase FTP

Sample View GSMs Assay Type
WE - NF10-10.5 GSM2042217  GSM2042218  RNA-Seq
Background: Xla.Outbred
Tissue Assay Stages ChIP Antibody
embryo NF10 to NF10.5  
   WE + tbp + tbpl2 + tbpl1 - NF10-10.5 DEG GSM2042215  GSM2042216  RNA-Seq
Background: Xla.Outbred
Manipulation Type Reagent Target Gene Stage Treatment Area
DMED injection tbp.L NF1 blastomere
DMED injection tbpl2.L NF1 blastomere
DMED injection tbpl1.L NF1 blastomere
Tissue Assay Stages ChIP Antibody
embryo NF10 to NF10.5  
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