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Mech Dev March 1, 2000; 91 (1-2): 369-73.

Transient cardiac expression of the tinman-family homeobox gene, XNkx2-10.

Newman CS , Reecy J , Grow MW , Ni K , Boettger T , Kessel M , Schwartz RJ , Krieg PA .

In Drosophila, the tinman homeobox gene is absolutely required for heart development. In the vertebrates, a small family of tinman-related genes, the cardiac NK-2 genes, appear to play a similar role in the formation of the vertebrate heart. However, targeted gene ablation of one of these genes, Nkx2-5, results in defects in only the late stages of cardiac development suggesting the presence of a rescuing gene function early in development. Here, we report the characterization of a novel tinman-related gene, XNkx2-10, which is expressed during early heart development in Xenopus. Using in vitro assays, we show that XNkx2-10 is capable of transactivating expression from promoters previously shown to be activated by other tinman-related genes, including Nkx2-5. Furthermore, Xenopus Nkx2-10 can synergize with the GATA-4 and SRF transcription factors to activate reporter gene expression.

PubMed ID: 10704867
Article link: Mech Dev
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Species referenced: Xenopus laevis
Genes referenced: hhex nkx2-5 nkx2-6 srf tbx2

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