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Mech Dev January 1, 2000; 90 (1): 65-75.

Distinct promoter elements mediate endodermal and mesodermal expression of the HNF1alpha promoter in transgenic Xenopus.

Ryffel GU , Lingott A .

The gene encoding the tissue specific transcription factor HNF1alpha is expressed in vertebrates in tissues of endodermal origin such as the liver and the gut as well as in the kidney, a mesoderm derived organ. Using a 6 kb HNF1alpha promoter fragment linked to GFP we observed green fluorescence in transgenic embryos restricted to the liver and gut as well as to the pronephros, the embryonic kidney. By deletion and mutation analysis of the HNF1alpha promoter we succeeded in dissecting the HNF1alpha promoter into two entities that are either active in the endoderm or the mesoderm. In conclusion, our data establish that the generation of transgenic Xenopus allows the functional dissection of promoters in the context of the entire organism.

PubMed ID: 10585563
Article link: Mech Dev