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Nat Cell Biol November 1, 1999; 1 (7): 399-403.

Speckle microscopic evaluation of microtubule transport in growing nerve processes.

Chang S , Svitkina TM , Borisy GG , Popov SV .

Assembly of microtubules is fundamental to neuronal morphogenesis. Microtubules typically form crosslinked bundles in nerve processes, precluding resolution of single microtubules at the light microscopic level. Therefore, previous studies of microtubule transport in neurites have had to rely on indirect approaches. Here we show that individual microtubules can be visualized directly in the axonal shafts of Xenopus embryo neurons by using digital fluorescence microscopy. We find that, although the array of axonal microtubules is dynamic, microtubules are stationary relative to the substrate. These results argue against a model in which newly synthesized tubulin is transported down the axon in the form of microtubules.

PubMed ID: 10559982
Article link: Nat Cell Biol

References :
Hollenbeck, Axonal microtubules stay put. 2001, Pubmed, Xenbase

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