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Mech Dev October 1, 1999; 88 (1): 67-72.

A novel guanine exchange factor increases the competence of early ectoderm to respond to neural induction.

Inductive interactions between different cell layers have an extremely important role in early embryogenesis. One of the most intensively studied and best characterised of these is the induction of neural tissue from ectodermal cells by the dorsal mesoderm. The competence of ectodermal cells to respond to neural induction varies according to dorsal-ventral position; with dorsal ectoderm (much of which forms the neural plate) having a far higher competence. Here we show that overexpression of the nucleotide exchange factor lfc increases ectodermal competence for neural induction as well as the amount of neural tissue in the whole embryo. Lfc is expressed pan ectodermally soon after gastrulation and may respond to an early determinant of dorsal ectoderm.

PubMed ID: 10525189
Article link: Mech Dev

Genes referenced: akt1 arhgef2 bmp4 eef1a2 eif4a2 en2 hoxb1 hoxb4 hoxb9 krt12.4 msi1 ncam1 nog nrp1 odc1 prkca prkcb rac1 snai2

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