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Mech Dev September 1, 1999; 87 (1-2): 229-33.

Xenopus frizzled-2 is expressed highly in the developing eye, otic vesicle and somites.

Deardorff MA , Klein PS .

Wnts are secreted signaling molecules implicated in a large number of developmental processes. Frizzled proteins have been identified as likely receptors for Wnt ligands in vertebrates and invertebrates. To assess the endogenous role of frizzled proteins during the development of Xenopus laevis, we have identified several frizzled homologs. Here we report the cloning and expression of Xenopus frizzled-2 (xfz2). Xfz2 shows high sequence homology to rat and human frizzleds-2. It is expressed in the developing embryo from late gastrula stages onward. Xfz2 has a wide domain of expression but is concentrated in the eye anlage, otic vesicle, and developing somites.

PubMed ID: 10495293
Article link: Mech Dev

Genes referenced: fzd2

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