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Mol Cell November 1, 1998; 2 (5): 629-38.

Modification of U6 spliceosomal RNA is guided by other small RNAs.

Tycowski KT , You ZH , Graham PJ , Steitz JA .

The vertebrate spliceosomal snRNAs are highly modified by pseudouridylation and 2''-O-methylation. We have identified novel conserved small RNAs that can direct addition of two methyl groups in U6 snRNA, at A47 and C77. These guide RNAs, mgU6-47 (methylation guide for U6 snRNA residue 47) and mgU6-77 contain boxes C, C'', D, and D'' and associate with fibrillarin. Each RNA can form a duplex with U6 snRNA positioning A47 and C77 for 2''-O-methylation. The antisense element of mgU6-77 can also position C2970 of 28S rRNA for 2''-O-methylation. Depletion of mgU6-77 from Xenopus oocytes prevents 2''-O-methylation of both C77 in U6 and C2970 in 28S; methylation can be restored by injecting in vitro transcribed mgU6-77. Thus, mgU6-77 appears to function in the 2''-O-methylation of two distinct classes of cellular RNA, snRNA, and rRNA.

PubMed ID: 9844635
Article link: Mol Cell
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