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J Neurosci Res October 15, 1998; 54 (2): 125-36.

Notch and neurogenesis.

Beatus P , Lendahl U .

The Notch signaling pathway has during the last few years emerged as an important signaling mechanism for communication between neighboring cells. Many of the components in the Notch signaling pathway have been identified and the pathway is important for cellular differentiation in various organs, including the nervous system. The Notch pathway is pivotal for a process called lateral inhibition, which ensures that cells differentiate to distinct fates from an initially homogenous cell population. The aim of this review is to describe our current understanding of the molecular aspects of the Notch signaling pathway and to discuss its importance for nervous system development and disease.

PubMed ID: 9788272
Article link: J Neurosci Res

Genes referenced: notch1

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