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Gene March 16, 1998; 209 (1-2): 193-200.

cDNA cloning of a novel rainbow trout SRY-type HMG box protein, rtSox23, and its functional analysis.

Yamashita A , Suzuki S , Fujitani K , Kojima M , Kanda H , Ito M , Takamatsu N , Yamashita S , Shiba T .

We have isolated a cDNA clone for a new member of Sox genes, termed rtSox23, from a rainbow trout ovary cDNA library. rtSox23 mRNA was notably expressed in ovary and brain. rtSox23 contains a leucine zipper in addition to an SRY-type HMG box. Although the recombinant HMG box region protein of rtSox23 could bind to an AACAAT sequence, the full-length rtSox23 could form a homodimer and did not bind to the sequence. Furthermore, using a two-hybrid system, we have isolated a cDNA clone encoding a protein that bound to the leucine zipper region of rtSox23. This protein was the rainbow trout homologue of mouse nucleoporin p62, which is a component of the nuclear pore complex in nuclear envelope. The rainbow trout p62 mRNA was also prominent in ovary and brain. Taken together, these results suggest that the rainbow trout p62 associates with rtSox23 in vivo and modulates the function of rtSox23.

PubMed ID: 9524264
Article link: Gene

Genes referenced: nup62 sox13 sox3 sqstm1

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