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Gene April 24, 1995; 156 (2): 265-70.

The Xenopus laevis TM-4 gene encodes non-muscle and cardiac tropomyosin isoforms through alternative splicing.

A full-length cDNA clone coding for a 248-amino-acid tropomyosin (TM) was isolated from a Xenopus laevis (Xl) oocyte cDNA library. This TM is very similar to the members of the non-muscle (nm) TM family that includes rat TM-4, human TM30pl and chicken cardiac fibroblast FT-C. An RNase protection assay showed that the corresponding transcript is expressed ubiquitously and revealed the presence of an alternative transcript in adult heart RNA. A full-length cDNA clone was isolated from an adult heart cDNA library using a nm TM-encoding cDNA probe. It encodes a muscle TM homologous to chicken FT-C and the corresponding mRNA is expressed in adult RNA and to a very low level in adult skeletal muscle. The two cDNAs correspond to two alternatively spliced isoforms of TM generated from the Xl TM-4 gene. These data, together with published observations, demonstrated that, in this amphibian, the cardiac muscle TM are synthesized from the TM alpha and TM-4 genes.

PubMed ID: 7758966
Article link: Gene

Species referenced: Xenopus laevis
Genes referenced: tpm4