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Acta Astronaut July 1, 1994; 33 189-94.

Telescience testbed experiments for biomedical studies: fertilization potential recording of amphibian eggs using tele-manipulation under stereoscopic vision.

Watanabe S , Tanaka M , Wada Y , Suzuki H , Takagi S , Mori S , Fukai K , Kanazawa Y , Takagi M , Hirakawa K , Ogasawara K , Tsumura K , Ogawa K , Matsumoto K , Nagaoka S , Suzuki T , Shimura D , Yamashita M , Nishio S .

The telescience testbed experiments were carried out to test and investigate the tele-manipulation techniques in the intracellular potential recording of amphibian eggs. Implementation of telescience testbed was set up in the two separated laboratories of the Tsukuba Space center of NASDA, which were connected by tele-communication links. Manipulators respective for a microelectrode and a sample stage of microscope were moved by computers, of which command signals were transmitted from a computer in a remote control room. The computer in the control room was operated by an investigator (PI) who controlled the movement of each manipulator remotely. A stereoscopic vision of the microscope image were prepared by using a head mounted display (HMD) and were indispensable to the intracellular single cell recording. The fertilization potential of amphibian eggs was successfully obtained through the remote operating system.

PubMed ID: 11539520
Article link: Acta Astronaut