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Dev Genet January 1, 1993; 14 (3): 185-93.

The Xenopus platelet-derived growth factor alpha receptor: cDNA cloning and demonstration that mesoderm induction establishes the lineage-specific pattern of ligand and receptor gene expression.

Jones SD , Ho L , Smith JC , Yordan C , Stiles CD , Mercola M .

We have cloned the Xenopus PDGF alpha receptor cDNA and have used this clone, along with cDNA encoding PDGF A, to examine their expression pattern in Xenopus embryos and to determine the factors responsible for lineage specificity. Recombinant Xenopus alpha receptor expressed in COS cells exhibits PDGF-A-dependent tyrosine kinase activity. We find that receptor mRNA is present in cultured marginal zone tissue explants and in animal cap tissue induced to form mesoderm either by grafting to vegetal tissue or by treatment with recombinant activin A. In contrast, PDGF A mRNA is expressed in cultured, untreated animal cap tissue and is suppressed by mesoderm induction. These results suggest that ectodermally produced PDGF A may act on the mesoderm during gastrulation and that mesoderm induction establishes the tissue pattern of ligand and receptor expression.

PubMed ID: 8358864
Article link: Dev Genet
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Genes referenced: inhba pdgfa

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