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Cell Calcium November 1, 1991; 12 (10): 683-93.

Neural regulation of calmodulin in adult Xenopus leg muscle.

Nishikawa BK , Kay BK .

Two Ca(2+)-binding proteins important in regulating muscle responses to Ca2+ flux are differentially expressed following denervation of Xenopus laevis gastrocnemius. Levels of parvalbumin (PV) RNA transcripts and proteins decrease in abundance, while calmodulin (CaM) transcript and protein levels increase. Our studies on PV kinetics in Xenopus follow a pattern observed in other species, however, our observation of a concomitant increase in CaM has not been documented in any system. Molecular analyses of the Xenopus CaM gene indicate that its structure and upstream sequences are highly conserved across several vertebrate species and implicate several transcription factors in the regulation of its expression.

PubMed ID: 1769061
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Genes referenced: ocm3 ocm4.5

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