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Cell October 5, 1990; 63 (1): 109-18.

Monomethylated cap structures facilitate RNA export from the nucleus.

Hamm J , Mattaj IW .

RNA export from the nucleus has been analyzed in Xenopus oocytes. U1 snRNAs made by RNA polymerase II were exported into the cytoplasm, while U1 snRNAs synthesized by RNA polymerase III, and therefore with a different cap structure, remained in the nucleus. Export of the polymerase II-transcribed RNAs was inhibited by the cap analog m7GpppG. Spliced mRNAs carrying monomethylguanosine cap structures were rapidly exported, while hypermethylated cap structures delayed mRNA export. The export of a mutant precursor mRNA unable to form detectable splicing complexes was also significantly delayed by incorporation of a hypermethylated cap structure. The results suggest that the m7GpppN cap structure is likely to be a signal for RNA export from the nucleus.

PubMed ID: 2208274
Article link: Cell

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