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Cell Differ Dev December 1, 1989; 28 (3): 211-7.

Neural differentiation of Xenopus laevis ectoderm takes place after disaggregation and delayed reaggregation without inducer.

Grunz H , Tacke L .

When Xenopus blastula or early gastrula ectoderm is disaggregated and cells are kept dispersed for up to 5 h prior to reaggregation, the resulting spheres will differentiate into large neural structures. In contrast, dissociated and immediately reaggregated ectoderm will only differentiate into ciliated epidermis (so-called ''atypical epidermis''). Ectoderm treated with mesoderm-inducing XTC-conditioned medium during the period of reaggregation immediately after disaggregation will only form one- or two-cell types (notochord and somites) only. Ectoderm treated with XTC-factor prior to disaggregation will differentiate into a large variety of cell types.

PubMed ID: 2620262
Article link: Cell Differ Dev