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Genes Dev July 1, 1988; 2 (7): 853-62.

Xenopus endo B is a keratin preferentially expressed in the embryonic notochord.

LaFlamme SE , Jamrich M , Richter K , Sargent TD , Dawid IB .

Screening of a cDNA library from neurula stage Xenopus laevis for notochord-specific sequences led to the isolation of a cDNA clone, XK endo B (Xenopus keratin endo B), which encodes a nonepidermal type I keratin. In situ and Northern blot hybridizations indicate that expression of XK endo B RNA is concentrated in the notochord, whereas expression in the endoderm is 5-10 times lower. XK endo B mRNA is present in the oocyte and increases from late gastrula. Accumulation peaks by late neurula and is greatly reduced by the tadpole stage; in the adult, a low level of XK endo B RNA is present in the liver. XK endo B shows sequence homology to mouse endo B; genomic Southern blots show that XK endo B is the most similar sequence to mouse endo B in the Xenopus genome, and vice versa, indicating that XK endo B and mouse endo B are homologs. The use of endo B as a marker and the germ layer derivation of the notochord are discussed in light of these results.

PubMed ID: 2463213
Article link: Genes Dev

Genes referenced: krt12.4 krt18.1 krt70 tbx2

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