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Development October 1, 1987; 101 (2): 393-402.
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An amphibian cytoskeletal-type actin gene is expressed exclusively in muscle tissue.

Mohun TJ , Garrett N .

The complete nucleotide sequence of two Xenopus actin genes encoding cytoskeletal protein isoforms has been determined. Transcripts from these genes are remarkably similar in nucleotide sequence throughout their length and code for type-5 and type-8 cytoskeletal actins. Both share some sequence homology with human gamma-actin mRNA within the 3'' untranslated region but none with the equivalent region of any vertebrate beta-actin transcript. The promoter regions of the two Xenopus genes are virtually identical from the cap site to the CCAAT box and show extensive homology further upstream. Despite such similarity, the two genes are divergently expressed during embryonic development. The type-5 actin gene is expressed in all regions of the developing embryo whilst the type-8 gene is coregulated with the muscle-specific skeletal actin gene. In common with mammalian and avian cytoskeletal actin counterparts, the Xenopus genes possess a conserved sequence within their promoter that has previously been identified as a transcription-factor-binding site.

PubMed ID: 3446480
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Species referenced: Xenopus laevis
Genes referenced: acta4 actg1 actl6a fos thra

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